Starlink Satelites and Tesla Profit

The project Starlink by SpaceX that started last month. On May 24 they had already launched sixty satellites and plans to launch way more on the next years. The initial plan was to provide faster Internet connection and with that, help countries still in development.

Even with the kind acts, Elon Musk´s intentions were questioned. With LTE connections, Tesla´s cars can use the data to update software and gather data. Using the Starlink system would scrap that technology and focus on the satellite system.

Manny Shar, from Bryce Space and Technology, stated that with the high-speed connection, the electric vehicles of the famous company could have a considerable improvement on their interface.

With that, the profit from both companies could be highly increased. They can use the funds even for Big Falcon Rocket spacecraft, the one that will be used to the Mars expedition.

The upcoming extra money could even be used to start the program on our neighbor planet, even with an annual three billion euro incoming revenue.

We should wait for Elon Musk´s future projects and see if the prediction will be correct.

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