The New Vehicle From Bird it’s Not a Scooter

The Californian company, Bird just announced their new electric vehicle, and it’s not a scooter but a “cruiser.”

The new vehicle from Bird was just announced today. The Cruiser is very different from the vehicles that the company offers today. It has more similarities with a bike than a Scooter.

Designed Exclusivity for the Californian company, the Bird Cruiser comes to provide more options to it’s customers that are in search for the best option for their commutes.

“Bird’s introduction of shared e-scooters spurred a global phenomenon and mode shift away from cars,” said Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird. “To further accelerate progress on our mission to make cities more livable, we are providing additional environmentally friendly micro-mobility alternatives—including Bird Cruiser. Starting this summer, people can move about their city and explore new neighborhoods together, without a car. Designed and engineered in California, Bird Cruiser is an inclusive electric-powered option that is approachable, easy-to-ride and comfortable on rough roads.” A brief message from the company

Cruiser Specs:
•A padded seat to make a rider’s journey comfortable;
•Option of pedal-assist or peg to meet the preferences of riders;
•Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable, safe, and responsive slowing and stopping;
•A 52V battery to help ensure reliability and to extend the “last mile”;
•Advanced LCD Matrix Display for easy viewing;
•A custom motor to ensure a ride will not be disrupted by a hill or other incline; and
•Industry leading standards for durability and reliability.

For more information, check Bird’s website.

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