SEAT Announces the Mii Electric Car

Surprising the industry and even the competition, SEAT brings a brand new product to the streets.

With the growing market of EV´s, the Spanish company does not want to stay behind. And its new vehicle will be arriving this year still.

A very compact and simple design represents the new car that is about to be released in the market by SEAT. And according to the company, the Mii is supposed to look a lot like a regular gasoline-fueled car, that commutes around the city.

The range on the car is comparable to its competitors. The 36.8-kWh battery pack provides 161.5 miles (260 kilometers), and in some tests made by SEAT, the vehicle will do 0-31 in 4.9 seconds (0-60 not yet disclosed)

Source: SEAT

The other good news is the price. With the intention of competing with the regular market and Electric Vehicles as well, SEAT´s Mii will be very affordable, even though no exact numbers were revealed.

The first release will be happening in Europe, and then later, in 2020, America will receive the same product.

Are you excited? Do you think we will be seeing more electric vehicles in our daily commuting? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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