Honda Unveiled Their AI-Powered Concept Car

The image that illustrates this post is how Honda sees its future. It’s a concept car named NeuV. The vehicle will be showcased at CES 2017. This car is automated, designed in the city, and will have some kind of AI (artificial intelligence) called “emotion engine.”

There’s not so much info yet, but the manufacturer describes the vehicle AI as a technology system that will “enable machines to artificially generate their own emotions” To be honest, I have no idea what that mean. It could mean a personal assistant that can be happy if you escape the traffic? Or get mad if you don’t get home in time for dinner? Well, I guess we will find out at CES. Don’t worry, I’m updating this post as soon as we have more.

The car itself looks different of what we are seeing so far. The industry is betting on sedans, like Tesla Faraday Future and Lucid. The NeuV is a very compact and doesn’t look like any car that I ever saw. Maybe is one person only? And it doesn’t look that you are going to be able to roll down your windows or fit some baggage.

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