Watch the Lucid Air Glide Through the Streets of Manhattan

Peter Rawlinson has taken the Lucid Air to the Big Apple as the CEO gives us a taste of how the electric luxury sedan glides through the streets of Manhattan.

“Everything that I need, all of the driver instrumentation; all the driver information is really on line-of-sight with the road. I don’t have to take my eye’s off my central vision”

The CEO leisurely drives the upcoming all-electric Air and comments on driver’s display, as well as the easily accessible center display while your elbow sit comfortable on the center armrest.

The CEO also touches on the Air’s newly modified side mirrors. Apparently Rawlinson was not happy with the beta versions side mirrors as they noticed a blind spot between the mirror and the A-pillar. This issue has apparently been eliminated and the CEO seems happy with the results. “Some of these little switches we need to play with, we need to adjust the detent spring stiffness just to give them that Swiss-watch quality”

Like we saw in the first Air video, Rawlinson was rather refreshing giving himself and his team some constructive criticism along his ride. The CEO complained of the feel of some of the switches on the dash and admits they can do better.

Considering the Lucid Air is coming to market as a high-end luxury electric, it is nice to see the CEO of the company paying such close attention to detail, and doing it publicly. 

The new video of the Lucid Air comes a few weeks after Lucid’s merger announcement with Churchill Capital Corp IV as well as the push of the Lucid Air’s launch date to sometime in the second half of this year. The Lucid Air was original slated to hit to market this Spring, but perhaps with the attention to detail and fine tuning, it will be worth the initial wait. 

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