WATCH: First Lordstown Endurance Betas Roll Off Production Lines

Lordstown Motors rolled its first two Endurance betas off manufacturing lines. A huge milestone for the company as well as the electric vehicle industry.

Mass production of the Lordstown Endurance is slated to begin this September. Lordstown Motors recently confirmed it reached 100,000 non-binding pre-orders for its Endurance electric pickup truck. The automaker also said the pickup is still “on track” to start production in September in a press release.

Lordstown posted a video of this significant accomplishment to the automakers YouTube channel. The automaker presented the fresh-off-the-line beta vehicles during a recognition event that was held today. The event was held to recognize “the dedication and hard work of our Ride Associates who have worked tirelessly to make this happen. Their skill and work ethic are critical to our success as we push ahead, producing the rest of our 57 Betas, and dedicating our energies to beginning production this September.”

Check out the full video to see both Endurance betas up close:

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