Tesla Price Increases Hit the US

Over the course of the past month or so, Tesla went on a couple late night price adjustment sprees for some its models in the US, and apparently they aren’t done. 

According to the automaker’s website, the two least expensive versions of the Tesla Model 3, Standard Range Plus and Long Range AWD, have received a $500 price bump making the entry-level Tesla price modify to $39,190 (after including $1,200 DST).

Something unique that allows the EV giant to make price changes seemingly at the drop of a hat the fact that Tesla does not have dealers. With dealerships comes price negations based of  manufacturer’s MSRP.

As mentioned above, this is yet another in a long string of price adjustments that Tesla has implemented in recent weeks. The most recent being that of the MIC Model Y in China. On Tuesday in the dark of the night the automaker increased the price of the MIC Model Y by 8,000 RMB (about the equivalent of $1,200 USD.) 

The price increase will aid in supporting increased production costs as the EV giant has had huge success since its launch of the electric SUV in the country. The automaker was able to deliver over 1,600 Model Y electric SUVs in China in January, and the success rolled over into February with 4,630 Model Y deliveries. Model Y production at Gigafactory Shanghai will continue to be closely monitored as it will play an integral part in Tesla’s growth throughout this year.

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