Is BMW Working on an Electric M2?

The BMW M2 is a version built based on the i4 that could surprise the market by arriving ahead of schedule after a test unit was spotted on Sweden’s icy slopes.

The German firm appears to be pressing the accelerator in the race unleashed in Germany to dominate the electric car market. Following recent introductions, BMW may be considering launching an all-electric M2 like the one it tests on northern Europe’s frozen lakes.

During the test days in Sweden, some variants of this model were seen with aesthetic touches on the front, under a body that corresponds to the M2. But despite the hood full of air intakes and a new show, a rear part with a large diffuser lacking any exhaust is striking.

These modifications can only be allowed by an electric car, which allows a more extreme rear aerodynamics than traditional combustion cars.

Since BMW is a specialist in multi-energy platforms, or instead in adapting chassis designed for internal combustion engines to the needs of zero-emission battery-powered vehicles, adapting an M2 to electric motorization will not be a tremendous challenge for German engineers.

After all, the BMW 2 Series is built on a platform with a transverse engine and front-wheel drive, but the Coupé variant and M2 convertible were born based on the M4 designed for a longitudinal engine and rear-wheel drive.

We could be before a car still in an early stage of development, so for now and until more information is obtained, the BMW customer will have to settle for the i4.

Anyway, in the face of an avalanche of SUVs and large sedans, a 100% electric model, lighter, sporty, and more dynamic, could be a catalyst to attract a younger audience and refresh electric cars’ image.

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