Tesla is Already Having Issues with its Electric Truck

When the Tesla Semi, the electric truck, was presented in 2019, many thought that once again, the Californian manufacturer would revolutionize the market with a proposal that seemed to have everything to bring electrical systems to heavy transport. But with the passage of time and the constant delays, a significant problem is now added, such as the incompatibility of the Semi with the regulations of some markets.

It should be noted first of all that the Semi does not yet have a final configuration, so we do not know precisely some of its technical data. But we know that if some regulations are not changed, the Semi will not be sold in many places.

For example, these days, Tesla is working to convince the Australian government to modify the rule that puts a maximum width on trucks. This establishes that a truck cannot exceed 2.5 meters in width. A figure that the Semi exceeds by 5 centimeters.

A problem that makes the Semi illegal in Australia. Now, Elon Musk seeks to change the regulations as the only solution to one day being able to sell this model in the Australian market, for example. In Europe, we have a similar problem concerning size, so maybe Elon Musk has to work to change all the world regulations.

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