C40 Inaugurates Volvo’s Migration to an Electric Future

Volvo presented the global debut of the unprecedented C40 Recharge, an SUV-coupe that becomes “the first Volvo model in history designed exclusively as an electric.”

The C40 Recharge is designed on the same CMA platform applied in other vehicles of the brand and appears as an alternative to more sporty proposals about the SUV XC40.

According to Volvo, the new C40 Recharge introduces some elements that will be featured in the brand’s next cars, such as the latest generation Pixel headlights and the front’s visual aesthetics, a reference in terms of design for the company’s electric futures.

Without anticipating many technical details, Volvo announced that the C40 Recharge will feature a combination of two electric motors, one on each axle, resulting in an all-wheel-drive for the model. The model will have 407 hp of combined power and 67.3 Nm of torque, which signal an excellent performance. With the main battery of 78 kWh, Volvo predicts over 200 miles of range based on the EPA, but we don’t have a precise estimate yet.

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