Opinion/Getting ready: The Evolving Story Of Electric Vehicles

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Electric cars and hybrids are becoming more popular and more available, with many new models every year – all positive developments as we take steps to confront climate change. These vehicles are also coming down in price, and dealers and Efficiency Maine often provide special deals.

Efficiency Maine is the independent administrator for energy-efficient programs in Maine. Their goal is to lower the cost and environmental impact of various energy-efficient programs.

Last year, Gov. Janet Mills created the Maine Climate Council. Its task was to develop a four-year Climate Action Plan (CAP) to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in Maine by 45% below 1990 levels by 2030, then 80% by 2045, and to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. (Carbon neutrality means carbon emissions are balanced by carbon occurring naturally in the atmosphere.)

In December 2020, the Maine Climate Council announced its recommendations to meet the CAP goals to include reining in the major source of greenhouse gas emissions: the transportation sector – cars, trucks and buses, which together produce 54% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in Maine and 44% of emissions in York. Transpor

Maine hopes to double the current number of electric vehicles on the road to 40,000 by 2025 with its electric vehicle (EV) initiative. This number seems astronomical – but much is new in the world of electric cars, making them more appealing every year. They have more power and greater travel range, and dozens of models are now on the market. There are many fast-charging options and more charging stations across New England, and the number of stations continues to grow. There are plans to install several charging stations around York, and there is a station now at Hannaford. Efficiency Maine maintains a list of public charging stations around the state, including in Kittery and Kennebunk. Most electric vehicle owners, however, charge their cars by plugging in at home.

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