Short-Squeeze Stocks Are a Great Way to Score 10X Gains. Here’s a Better Way

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The meteoric rally in shares of video game retailer GameStop (NYSE:GME) has been stunning. Maybe the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen on Wall Street. GME stock was trading at $15 back at the start of December. The GME stock price today clocks in around $350 (and climbing) — up a jaw-dropping 23X in less than two months. While there are a lot of lessons to be learned from GameStop’s stock surge, here’s the most important one: Short-squeeze stocks are a great way to score 10X gains in the market.

For those new to short squeezes, here’s the quick-and-dirty version:

Professional investors who like shorting stocks (and there are a lot of them) must borrow shares, which they then must buy back at a lower price to pocket the difference. Sometimes, though, the trade goes the other way. The stock rises, and shorts are forced to cover at a loss. This injects more buying power into the security, causing the price to rise and forcing more short sellers to cover, thus powering the stock price even higher.

That’s a short squeeze.

It’s exactly what happened to GME and other heavily shorted stocks in the market right now. See: iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT), AMC (NYSE:AMC), Express (NYSE:EXPR) or Koss (NASDAQ:KOSS) stock.

These aren’t the first short squeezes to ever happen. They won’t be the last. The big lesson is that if you’re looking to a make a lot of money quickly in the stock market, going long heavily shorted stocks with short-squeeze potential is a pretty good strategy. GME, IRBT, AMC, EXPR and KOSS stock are all great examples of this.

But there’s an even better way to make 10X your money in the stock market … 

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