Biden’s Green Energy Boom Could Send These Electric Vehicle Stocks Soaring

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Elon Musk is now the richest person in the world–richer than Bezos. And Tesla(NASDAQ:TSLA) has gained over 700% in a year, while Chinese Nio (NYSE:NIO) has soared over 1,300% …

Anyone who didn’t get in on those before they were hot shots missed the really big upside … and even diehard Tesla bulls can’t grasp that sky-high valuation …

And there are other EV and EV-related stocks that are just growing their legs and have tons of room to run. 

They haven’t started pinging Wall Street’s radar–yet, but they aspire to be the next Teslas and the next Nios. 

Nothing says “next Tesla” like Fisker (NYSE:FSR), the up-and-coming EV maker with a recyclable materials twist, headed up by a legend in automotive design …

And we recommend you watch Facedrive (TSXV:FD; OTC:FDVRF), the trail-blazing Canadian tech startup that’s got multiple EV tie-ins, including its recent acquisition of Steer–the Washington, DC-based EV subscription service that intends to completely upend the auto industry by changing the way people view car ownership. 

And it would be good to keep a close eye on Blink Charging (NASDAQ:BLNK), a new leader in EV charging equipment that’s got very long legs. 

Anything EV and EV Related Is Golden Right Now

Yes, EVs are golden ….

A Biden election win and a global push hastened further by a crippling pandemic seal the deal on a $40-trillion energy transition of which transportation will be the Holy Grail. 

And while Tesla may continue to surprise us–and the markets, and all the bears and short-sellers who lost $40 billion betting against the EV king in 2020, it’s time to look for the next EV upstart. 

Fisker, for one, has all the makings of a Tesla type EV maker: It’s got a new idea in the right lane and a legend behind the wheel in the form of Henrik Fisker. And it’s not just another EV SUV–it’s a vehicle made partly with recyclable parts, a fact bound to ring loudly with all that environmental and social impact money floating around out there dying for someplace to call home. And dying for the next success like Tesla. 

The only caveat–which is exactly what makes this a great time to get in early–is that Fisker isn’t going to start producing its famed Ocean SUV until 2023, with significant revenues coming in from advance orders not expected until late 2021. That gives Wall Street cold feet … or impatience. But the bearishness on Fisker reminds us an awful lot of the prior relentless bearishness on Tesla, and we all know how that went. 

We think Facedrive – one of the most fascinating companies to come out of Canada’s ‘Silicon Valley’–is another front-runner for future EV related success. While we love the flagship carbon-offset ride-sharing and food delivery side of this multi-vertical tech-driven business, we’re even more excited about their most recent acquisition of Steer. 


Because this isn’t just the beginning of the golden age of EVs … it’s the beginning of profound changes in the way we live entirely. 

Facedrive (TSXV:FD; OTC:FDVRF) has a knack for spotting, cutting great deals and acquiring innovative, well-placed companies to fit into their ecosystem. 

That deal took place just in September 2020, and we expect the news flow to be fast and furious over the next few months as two of the most innovative EV-linked tech companies combine their forces to offer a novel EV option in North America. 

Steer isn’t a car rental company. It gives consumers their own private EV showroom (virtual, of course), with on-demand EV delivery for consumer use and ultimate, flexible alternative to car ownership. 

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