Startup Proposes Service to Certify the State of Batteries in Used EVs

The startup Recurrent wants buyers of used electric cars to access independent information with all kinds of details about the condition and capacity of electric car batteries, including second-hand ones.

Based in Seattle, home to Amazon and Microsoft, this company wants to become the Carfax of electric vehicles. After its latest round of financing, the startup has just raised $3.5 million, which will allow it to open its application to owners and users in the state of Washington.

The mission with which the young company was born is to provide more transparency and trust in used electric car transactions, accelerating the general adoption of electric cars. Their contribution is focused on a key goal: “Reduce 20% of the United States’ carbon emissions currently produced by internal combustion motor vehicles.”

The system works by safely connecting the electric car with the Recurrent partner, Smartcar. From that moment on, the owner must authorize access to four essential aspects of his car daily. The information required is the state of charge, the battery level, the odometer, and the vehicle’s estimated range.

In exchange for this transfer of information, the owner will receive a detailed monthly report, where he will know in all kinds of details the real state of his electric car battery throughout the life of the vehicle.

In addition to the report, users will receive alerts if “unusual wear” of their vehicle batteries is detected. Also, the data network members will access tips and guides on the different ways to keep their batteries in tip-top shape.

This sounds like an excellent idea when it comes to selling used electric vehicles, and they will be able to obtain a better price compared to other electric cars not ‘certified’ by the system.

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