The Electric Car Revolution Will Take More Than Just Words

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ill Nowell always felt a pang of guilt when climbing behind the wheel of her Saab 9-3.

A keen runner with two children, she admits that the “dirty old diesel” was hardly the most environmentally friendly car on the road. It was, however, fully paid off and in decent working order, so why make a change?SPONSOREDHow is Cumbria’s economic future looking up in such bleak times?The essential worn by all trailblazers, pathfinders and groundbreakers

It wasn’t until the reliable estate was written off by another vehicle that she was finally propelled into action. “I had wanted an electric car but I couldn’t justify it,” she said. “I was hyper-aware of the local impact I was having on air quality. I run most days and running behind a petrol or diesel car feels almost like smoking. It feels antisocial.

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