Panasonic to Open Battery Factory in Norway

Panasonic, a partner of Tesla and one of the world’s largest lithium battery manufacturers, has confirmed its expansion plans with a new battery production plant in Europe. A movement that puts on the table the strong development that the sector is experiencing in the old continent causes investment in related sectors to increase. But also news that confirms that southern Europe is losing the electric car train and its associated industry.

Panasonic has confirmed the agreement with the Nordic energy company Equinor, and the engineering and industrial company Norsk Hydro, to collaborate in the construction of a battery factory in Norway.

According to Mototsugu Sato, Panasonic Executive Vice President: “This collaboration combines Panasonic’s position as an innovative technology company and a leader in lithium batteries, with the deep industry expertise of Equinor and Hydro, both major global players, to pave the way for a robust and sustainable battery business in Norway.”

The initiative will explore the implementation of a high-tech battery supply chain powered by renewable energy. Something that will reduce the emissions footprint of the production of electric vehicles that carry their packs.

A new step forward for Panasonic that fights against its Korean and Chinese rivals to achieve a position at the top of the batteries for electric cars. As we see, a market seems to have great growth expectations in view of the many initiatives that are being carried out in the sector.

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