The UK Bans Sales of Combustion Engine Cars from 2030

Three years ago, the UK government was the first to launch a transition project in the automotive sector, where a final date was set to sell cars with combustion engines. A scenario that many described as crazy and that supposed that in 2040 no new diesel or gasoline cars could be sold. A date that was later advanced to 2035, and that this week a modification will be experienced again.

This has been indicated by British government sources, who have confirmed that this week Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make an appearance to prove something that has been a persistent rumor in recent months. The new advance of the date of the end of cars’ sales with the combustion engine to 2030.

In the absence of knowing the final text, it seems that the hybrids will finally keep the previous date of 2035 for the end of the sales of new models. Something that we remember will also affect plug-in hybrids. A figure indicates that from 2035, no car with a combustion engine can be sold in the United Kingdom.

This initiative aims to accelerate the transition that seeks to achieve the United Kingdom’s emissions neutrality by 2050. This will mean increasing efforts in transport sectors, where these past October electric cars have managed to accumulate slightly less than one 7% sales quota.

One of the keys to increasing sales will be the deployment of charging points. For this, the United Kingdom government has put on the table a package of aid valued at 500 million pounds, 556 million euros, to encourage the installation of public charging points that will be essential to achieve increased sales.

A very ambitious project that faces the automotive industry’s reality in the United Kingdom itself focused on combustion models and hybrids. Something to add to the impact of Brexit, and which undoubtedly brands such as Toyota, with up to two factories in the country, Honda, with plans already underway to leave, and Nissan, which produces models like the Qashqai, will certainly not like much which in 2021 will be renewed with hybrid versions that will be affected by this new regulation.

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