Tesla is Leading Sales in Germany This Year

The year 2020 has been much more challenging than expected for car manufacturers due to the coronavirus outbreak. A strong impact that has collapsed registrations throughout Europe in a situation that has hit Germany particularly hard. The old continent’s automobile engine, where in the first semester deliveries have fallen by 34%. But within this dire situation, there is a brand that has managed to become the only one to increase its sales.

This has been Tesla. Between January and September, Americans have managed to accumulate 11,217 registrations. It allows them to note the symbolic figure of growing 24.5% compared to last year at this point.

They are not very striking figures if we compare them with the sales leaders, such as Volkswagen, which in the same period has managed to accumulate 367,181 units, 26.3% less than last year. But if it is a symbolic victory that allows Tesla to overtake in terms of registrations in the accumulated of the year to names such as Land Rover (-31.8%) Honda (-30%) smart (-78.5%) Jaguar (-24%) or Lexus (-13.1%).

Figures that have been achieved in a large market, but where foreign models tend to have it quite hard, and Tesla is carving out a niche. Not to mention that from 2021 the American manufacturer will start playing as “local” when they start up their factory in Berlin.

A movement that will mean shortening delivery times, operating and logistics costs, and increasing production capacity while expanding the offer with the Model Y.

Details that will make Tesla benefit from its good trend in Germany to take advantage of the pull of a market in full growth despite the pandemic’s decline. Thus, it will face 2021 that is more than likely to allow it to continue climbing on the list of best-selling brands.

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