Mercedes Plans to Use the Maybach Brand for its Most Luxurious Electric Cars

Mercedes is preparing its electric offensive in the most luxurious segments to maintain its status within a section intrinsically related to Stuttgart’s. An offer in which it is valued to use the mythical Maybach brand to develop a proposal of electric models, and at the same time with the highest standards of luxury and quality.

In favor of this project, they play tricks such as the new dedicated platform that will house future Mercedes models, starting with the EQS. A first base developed from scratch to house electrical systems that, according to Mercedes CEO Ola Källenius, will give the brand space to create new proposals.

The issue of benefits also tips the balance for approval of this project. Focusing on luxury cars on the way to the electrification of the range is a cornerstone of Källenius’ strategy to reactivate the profit margins of a Mercedes that in the first half has lost 1.9 billion euros.

The point is that the larger and more expensive models generate higher profit margins and, therefore, profits for the brand. Something that added to the unstoppable development of technology, cargo networks, and also the awareness of reducing emissions, will see the demand for luxury electric live a significant growth in the coming years, and where Mercedes wants to hit first.

A Maybach that could be positioned as a denomination within the EQ family, and thus differentiate the electric ones, and within these the most luxurious ones, with a Maybach EQ as the pinnacle in terms of prices and qualities.

Of course, it is still too early to venture into the capabilities of this proposal. Yet, as we remember, next year, the Mercedes EQS will hit the market, which will have a range of about 434 with each charge, which will mean installing a battery of about 120 kWh. Figures that open the door wide to the arrival of a Maybach that would be placed above the EQS itself in terms of equipment and price should reach the market, possibly in about two or three years. By which time, batteries will have evolved to allow even greater capacities to be stored in a car for pockets of an unlimited budget.

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