How High Can Tesla Shares Fly? Try $3,500, Says This Bullish Analyst

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Stocks are set for an upbeat start to the week and recent highfliers are set to take the lead again. Our call of the day comes from a Wall Street analyst who has just gotten a lot more bullish on his best-case scenario for one of those stocks — Tesla.  

AstraZeneca stock climbs on reports Trump considering fast-tracking COVID-19 vaccine

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering fast-tracking AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine candidate in a bid to make it available in the U.S. before November’s election. 

Market timing when ‘clocks have no hands’ — Warren Buffett’s warning is as relevant now as it was in 2000

Different this time? “Is this really just another giant bubble, or is this the New Age fueled by low interest rates and massive bond buying by the FED? Only time will tell.”  

‘I tried walking more than 3 blocks, paying the price with chest pains and crippling fatigue’: One woman’s long recovery from COVID-19

‘Sure, I had my life back, but it wasn’t my life. It was someone else’s life.’  

COVID-19 turned the hotel industry upside down, but it won’t change what people want

There is a fundamental reason to believe that the post-COVID-19 landscape for the hotel industry might look very different, but business will eventually be just as good, and could be even better than before the pandemic: People are, and will always be, social animals.  

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