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Jaguar Launches the I-Pace EV320, a Cheaper Version than the Current EV400

Jaguar has just released the I-Pace EV320, a more affordable version of its only electric. This model is less potent than the I-Pace EV400 sold so far, although it certifies precisely the same range: 292 miles. At the moment, its arrival has only been confirmed in markets such as Germany or the Netherlands, but it is highly probable that it will also reach other countries and the US.

Compared to the higher version’s 400 hp, the new model yields 320 hp, as its name suggests. Torque, for its part, decreases from 696 Nm to 500 Nm. This makes performance look somewhat depleted, doing 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds instead of 4.8 seconds. The top speed for its part goes from 200 km/h to 180 km/h.

Otherwise, the EV320 remains identical to the EV400: same battery pack of 90 kWh capacity, fast charging in direct current at 100 kW, charging in alternating current at 11 kW, etc. It even maintains its “dual motor” configuration (that is, one motor on each axle, giving it all-wheel-drive). Its part is reduced by just over 10,000 euros, going to cost only over 64,000 euros in Germany.

From its access version, called S, the I-Pace EV320 includes air conditioning, 10-inch touch screen, alloy wheels, etc. Above are the SE and HSE variants, with complete equipment… and a price that nevertheless comes dangerously close to that of the I-Pace EV400 S, with fewer extras but better features.

Like the newly revamped EV400, the EV320 features a next-generation Privi Pro infotainment system, which until now has only been found in the new Land Rover Defender. The system features a revamped menu, OTA updates, a more modern navigation system with live traffic updates and information on charging points, etc.

Thanks to these data, the navigation system can optimize routes to include charging stations; besides, it will also provide information on charging points, cost, and estimated charging times. On the other hand, in both versions, the I-Pace has an integrated eSIM card, which will include a complimentary 4G data plan.

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