How Do You Think We’ll Adopt EVs Into Our Everyday Lives?

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One topic that I have done a fair bit of research into is the future of the electric car. A few months ago I wrote a piece on what the future of EVs could look like and managed to get a small insight from television’s James May who seems pretty thrilled about the idea of them becoming the norm and for the Japanese to swoop in and make it even better.

However, in that I didn’t really cover the topic of how we will adopt them into our lives as I spoke more on what it’ll be like when they’re more popular and how they can become more popular. In this piece I want to try and explore how we will adopt electrically powered cars into our day to day lives without stressing everyone out.

For me it is simple. I think the best way to adopt EVs into our lives is to do it gradually, we all know that. It wouldn’t be viable for us all to switch to EVs in one go, the world simply isn’t ready. So one way in which we could do it is to have two cars. One car would be petrol/diesel or even hybrid and the other would be electric.

This way you could use your EV as the workhorse car. By this I mean the sort of car you take the kids to school in, drive to work in, pick up the shopping. All very mundane everyday tasks but ones which are perfect for an EV, especially when waiting around in traffic as you’re not blurting out fumes on to pedestrians legs, unless you vape.

This then means your petrol car (especially for the motoring enthusiast) could be kept as a car you do fun little days out in, take for a spin round a b-road or take out to the occasional dinner. This way, you’re not using it every day for short journey’s where the EV would thrive.

For now, the only real downside is if you wanted to do a lot of long trips or you are required to with work. Let’s say you had to drive more than a hundred miles to get to work and had no charging points for whatever reason then you may be better off with a petrol car…for now. Things will change and develop soon.

Having said that, a lot of people already have one EV and one petrol powered car but the only issue is price. EVs are still much more expensive to get into, so it seems to mostly be a select few middle class families and wealthy influencers who are venturing into that world but as soon as they come cheaper I would love to see much more people joining the party.

It’s all very up in the air at the moment as car companies are still grafting away to craft the perfect battery powered vehicles but soon enough it will happen. And when that does happen, I’ll be back and will probably ramble on about how much I miss the old days or I might even discuss everyone’s favourite charging station on the M4, who knows but for now those are my thoughts and I would love to hear what you have to say on the matter.

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