Audi CEO Claims “We’re Catching Up” to Tesla as Far as Lithium-Ion Battery Tech

Tesla has spent years working tirelessly on evolving the tech of its vehicles. Some would even deem them the leader in lithium batteries for electric cars. With much anticipation surrounding the company’s Battery Day event, it has become evident that very few automakers are as serious as the California based company as far as electric car battery technology. 

However, if you ask Markus Duesmann, Audi CEO, he may have a difference of opinion. German magazine recently spoke with the Audi CEO along with Markus Söders, Bavaria’s Prime Minister, about the end of gas powered cars, up and coming automakers, and the arrival of new EVs. 

Duesmann and Söders both acknowledged that the current pandemic will almost certainly rev up changes in the auto industry. With 46% of the country’s car industry employees only working part-time since June, it may still be possible for Germany to regain some of the market it has since lost to other manufacturers.  

In the conversation focused on sustainable solutions in next generation vehicles, the interviewer asked the CEO and Prime Minister if Tesla has already overtaken Germany’s best. Without skipping a beat Duesmann’s response, as far as lithium ion battery tech, was that he does not see Tesla being ahead at all. “We’re catching up with seven-mile boots,” Duesmann said.

 Agreeing with the CEO, The Prime Minister stated that he doesn’t see Tesla being far ahead either. Söder made it clear that he admires Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, and his work in the space industry. However, he is confident that other companies are capable of accomplishing what Tesla has stating Germany’s carmakers could even be ahead in some aspects. “Tesla is not bad, but others can do it too. We can stay ahead in engineering,” Söders said. 

Soder also stated “The time of the classic humming-humming car with a lot of horsepower is over.” With Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin currently in construction, only time will tell when the electric car maker will be able to capitalize on the expertise of German car making. Gigafactory Berlin is expected to start production of the Model Y next year. Customers in the region may just get the best of both worlds with Tesla’s outstanding tech plus a solid German build quality.

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