Model 3 Accumulates Over 32 Pounds of Dirt in Rear Bumper

It is no secret that the Model 3 has had its fair share of design complaints, the most recent being a bumper full of dirt and debris. The bumper consists of one large piece as Tesla decided to fuse the underside panel to the actual bumper. This is most likely to further increase the vehicles range as well as its aerodynamics.

In a video uploaded to YouTube channel Dirty Tesla, a man had the idea to check if there was anything hidden inside the rear bumper of his Model 3. What started as pure curiosity turned out to be a huge find. The man found over 32 pounds of dirt collected in the bumper. Without the owner deciding to see if there was anything inside the rear bumper, that 32 pounds probably would have continued to accumulate until there was no more room to store it. 

With the Yotube channel name “Dirty Tesla” its wasn’t surprising when the man admitted to being a regular when it comes to driving on dirt roads, making this type of issue uncommon for city dwelling owners.

Although an additional 32 pounds of weight would seemingly effect the vehicles maximum range, that is not the case. The driver stated that his range remained the same regardless of the additional weight. He even suggested that 32 pounds in 13 months is a step up as he previously found 15 pounds of dirt after just 5 months of driving. This complication may just have to be chalked up to an obvious design flaw.

See the full video below:

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