What to Except During a 700 Mile Road Trip in a Tesla Model 3

One of the main concerns of potential EV customers is the amount of range that can be achieved. Sure and EV is practical if you’re running short distanced city based errands, but what if you’re looking to venture out onto a longer road trip? Most people aren’t in areas that provide an abundance of public fast chargers and the inconvenience of long charge times could sway potential buyers away from an electric car.  However, a Tesla could have all the solutions they need.

Tesla’s electric vehicles have a substantially higher range than that of many of it competitors along with a massive Supercharger network spreading across the globe. The companies Supercharger network is constantly growing and Tesla has plans to increase its speed allowing customers to charge their cars at a faster rate.

In a video posted to Youtube by Tesla owner Andy Slye, he sets off to complete a 700 mile road trip in his Tesla Model 3. The video gives us a glimpse into what a long range trip in a Model 3 would entail, given you’ll be traveling alone. Slye uses the video to give insights on what it’s like to travel, drive, and charge a Model 3 in 2020.

Enjoy the full video below:

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