Rivian Plans Production Facility Expansion

Normal City Council will vote Monday night on a site plan to expand Rivian Automotive’s production facility by a total of 576,000 square feet.

“Initially, when Rivian came to town, it wasn’t expected to utilize the full facility,” said Rivian spokesman Zach Dietmeier. “We’re not only using the full existing footprint, but it’s expanded far greater.”

The Normal city facility expansion will include the addition of four bulidings, landscaping, and a parking lot adjustment. It will also include a 40,000 square foot addition to the southeast corner of the facility which will be “essentially cornering off a building” according to Dietmeier. The cost for this project alone is around $18 million.

In addition to the southeast corner expansion, there will be a 65,000-square-foot addition for the battery shop that will add on to the southwest side of the building. A 262,000 square foot expansion will also be added to the northwest for battery storage. Both additions costing a total of around $48 million once completed.

“Once you are able to manufacture the batteries, there’s significant need for storage and climate controlled storage,” Dietmeier said.

The last addition will be to the north side of the building by adding 210,000 square feet for its productions line. The company expects to be able to begin these projects later this fall but has yet to accept any contracting bids.

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