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Audi Has Plans to Facilitate the Development of Electric Cars

Audi announced today the creation of the Artemis Team. Their goal is to develop electric cars quickly and with less bureaucracy.

Like many other big companies, it takes a large amount of man-hour and paperwork to come up with a brand new product from start to finish. That’s precisely what Audi wants to change with Artemis. With the electric car revolution happening before our eyes, Audi understands that if they’re going to remain relevant, they need to “give a large degree of freedom” to keep up with the bubbling and fast innovating EV industry.

The Volkswagen Group’s brands stand for excellent technologies — and have potential for much more. With 75 planned electric models by 2029, the current electric initiative at the Volkswagen Group naturally ties up all our capacities. The obvious question was how we could implement additional high-tech benchmarks without jeopardizing the manageability of existing projects, and at the same time, utilize new opportunities in the markets. Duesmann, Audi CEO

The Artemis will focus their work on “new technologies for electric, highly automated driving with a specific model reference.” According to the company. The first car the team will create will be a highly efficient electric car and is scheduled to hit the roads as early as 2024.

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