New Hyundai Electric Scooter Can be Charged in Your Car

The new small board by Hyundai isn’t big and can also be folded up, and it can be charged by your car.

The specs of the new scooter show a top speed of 12 mph fed by a 10.5 Ah battery.

According to Hyundai, the range goes up to 12 miles. While traveling with the scooter, you will be able to charge its battery via the electricity from moving with it. It can also generate electricity through the braking system. Mainly, the vehicle will be charged when it is plugged inside the vehicle that is carrying it.

The scooter can fit inside Hyundai or Kia vehicles. At this time we don’t have a price tag or a release date for it.

Check out the video of the Scooter in action:

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