Elon Musk Teases The Idea Of GTA In Tesla

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Elon Musk recently stated a few things on Twitter, which gave us a comprehensive idea about how he wants to collaborate gaming with cars. He referenced GTA – which is popularly recognized for its art of thievery. Now we all remember when he spoke earlier about integrating some new games in Tesla cars.

His tweet might sound pretty light-hearted but from all we know, Elon Musk does the impossible. To include the immersive experience of a first-person-shooter game in a car is something quite difficult. However, Elon did hint about including Minecraft in Tesla cars. 

Anyone think they can get a good multiplayer Minecraft working on Teslas? Or maybe create a game that interacts virtually with reality like Pokémon Go while driving safely? Like a complex version of Pac-man or Mario Kart?” – this was his previous tweet. So we cannot exactly rule out the possibility of having GTA in a Tesla.

Eccentric Elon Musk wants to add GTA to Teslas

The comment section was filled with people asking about the possibilities. We have to remind ourselves that even if this is possible, any immersive game like GTA would need a lot of focus. While driving, devoting that amount of focus to a game might be counter-productive. However, its a Tesla, right? The car can pretty much drive itself. Nevertheless, expecting this to be reality might need some time.

The idea of more interactive augmented-reality games in Tesla cars is an intriguing idea in and of itself. Realistically speaking, a game like Minecraft can still be considered, whereas GTA might be a little too much. 

Safe drive, save lives, and then virtually take some. 

“Someone steals a Tesla while playing GTA on a Tesla” – everyone knows better than to steal a Tesla. Although in the GTA universe, no goal is too difficult. The idea of integrating such interactive games with cars is perhaps a little too futuristic. No matter how easy a game is, it always requires some sort of focus. 

At this moment, there is no official confirmation, but Elon’s idiosyncratic nature allows him to change statements like this to reality. Perhaps, Rockstar Games will take this into consideration and we will finally have GTA games in Teslas. 

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