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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo will Arrive Sooner than Expected

It seems that the excellent reception by the Taycan market has prompted Porsche to accelerate the arrival of the first variant of the German electric vehicle. At the time, a family has been confirmed to have several derivatives, the first of which is Taycan Cross Tourism. A familiar version with crossover features (increased ground clearance, plastic protections on the wheel arches, etc.), which was presented as a prototype in 2018.

Now according to the Motortrend portal, Porsche would have decided to accelerate the terms of a model that was not expected to reach the market until 2022, which we will know in its design and final characteristics later this year when sales will also open.

This would mean that the first variant of the Taycan would be at Porsche dealerships to start deliveries in mid-2021. Something that will allow those in Stuttgart to have a new ally to offset the polluting emissions of their range.

In the absence of knowing its final design, the Taycan Cross Tourism will follow the essential lines seen in the prototype presented at the Geneva Motor Show, then called Mission E Cross Tourism. It is a modern and beautiful appearance that would be located in a very fashionable segment with high commercial acceptance.

The benefits, on the other hand, for the Taycan Cross Tourism will be very similar to those of the standard Taycan: batteries between 79 and 93 kWh, between 280 and 310 mile-range, 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds, etc. However, it is likely that due to its higher weight and worse aerodynamics, the Cross Turismo performance is somewhat lower than that of the Taycan sedan. In exchange, customers will have a slightly higher model and more space in the cargo area.

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