Porsche Started Showing Off Their New Taycan

Porsche just started to show off the brand new prototype, Taycan, on Porsche Experience Centre (PEC). It went on its demo laps, on a race track for the first time on the event, held in Shangai.

The Vehicle’s looks are impressive and unique, but a fake exhaust pipe is still being used on the prototype.

Taycan has plans to run on more racetracks around the globe in the next few weeks. The prototype travels to the Hill Run on Festival of Speed at Goodwood (July 4-7, 2019) and the ABB FIA Formula E Championship in New York (July 13-14, 2019).


Check out the whole Run Information on Electrek’s article here.

The Porsche Taycan has not an official date of release to the market, but it will debut on its production version.


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