BMW is Working On an Electric M5 With More Than 1,000 HP of Power

For some time, BMW has been working on a 100% electric E-segment saloon. It is a part of its plans to have a total of twelve electric models in its range by the year 2023. This vehicle will join an extensive range formed from SUVs (iX3, iNEXT), sedans (i4, i7), MINI brand models (MINI Cooper SE, MINI Rocketman, MINI Traveler …), etc.

Some rumors also indicate that instead of launching a simple electric version of the 5 Series (which would be called i5), BMW could bet on giving the vehicle a more aerodynamic “coupe” body, changing its name to i6. However, neither of the two possibilities has been confirmed by the manufacturer, so we still don’t know which of the two models will finally see the light, the i5 or i6.

In any case, the British magazine Car has reported that BMW is preparing an all-electric M5 (the sports version of the 5 Series). This could mean that BMW would have finally decided to bet on launching an electric version of the 5 Series, as it will do with the 4 Series Gran Coupe (i4) and 7 Series (i7).

The Mi5? It will have a 135 kWh capacity battery with an 800-volt electrical system capable of charging 350 kW of power, reaching a range of 700 km under the European WLTP certification cycle. The vehicle will sit on the CLAR multi-energy modular platform and will have three electric motors (one on the front axle and two on the rear, which will give it all-wheel drive), thanks to which it will achieve a combined power of about 1,006 hp.

The current M5 has a maximum power of 625 hp in its Competition version. On the other hand, the 5 Series has just received a restyling that has transformed the vast majority of its mechanics into mild-hybrid or plug-in hybrids. In fact, in the range of the Bavarian executive saloon we can now find a total of five plug-in versions. Including only one without any hybridization; the M5 and M5 Competition on their part should also be renewed soon.

The new BMW i5 may see the light at the same time as the next generation of the 5 Series. The current model (code G30) dates back to 2016, so its replacement should arrive sometime in 2023. In addition to a sporty M variant, the i5 probably has more mundane versions competing against the more “affordable” configurations of models like the Audi e-Tron GT or Tesla Model S.

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