Tesla Surprisingly Lowers Prices for Model 3, S, and X

This past night Tesla by surprise, has made changes to its configurator, significantly lowering the price of its vehicles. Something that we already anticipated this past Monday, but we did not expect would happen so soon.

These changes have not yet spread outside of the United States. Something that is supposed to happen in the next few hours or days.

Take a look at the Tesla page. As you can see, for example, the cheapest Model 3, the Standard Range Plus version, starts at $37,990. Something that represents a decrease of $2,000 from yesterday’s prices. The Long Range Dual Motor version has a cost of $46,990, which is also an attractive discount from previous prices.

But it is not the only Tesla that benefits from these costs since the Model S has also seen how its price has dropped by $5,000. Leaving its access version, Long Range, and 610 kilometers of WLTP autonomy for 74,990 dollars, and for the Performance 94,990 dollars.

The Model X has experienced the same thing, which has also seen its cost also drop another $5,000 overnight. Allowing it to drop below the $80,000 barrier at the cost of $79,990 for the Long Range. At the same time, the sports Performance climbs to $99,900, managing to drop from the psychological $100,000.

This move indicates that Tesla is possibly preparing for a possible impact from the coronavirus crisis, from which it will not be immune. But it also anticipates a drop in production costs due to the constant increase in its production capacity and the economy of scale that this implies.

In this way, it also manages to make more differences with its possible rivals, who see how North Americans press the pace making their models more attractive when the competition to attract customers will be tougher than ever.

Price reductions that also occur on the doorstep of the start of use of the new batteries and components that Tesla has been developing for a long time. Which will shortly allow us to launch cheaper units, which will again lead the manufacturer to launch new price reductions.

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