After The Pandemic, If You Want To Buy A Car, You Should Seriously Consider A Tesla. Here Are Some Pros And Cons.

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In the car business, a debate has broken out. As the US emerges from the coronavirus lockdowns, there’s a chance that consumers will avoid public transit, favoring automobiles instead. 

But with gas prices lower than they have been in years, the question is, “Will they go for traditional vehicles, or take the plunge on electric cars?”

No one could be sure, but the early handicapping favors the gas-burners; there are more of them waiting around to get sold and the manufacturers and dealers are likely to offer plenty of sweet deals.

But! What about the dramatic improvement in air quality experienced by smoggy cities in even EV-friendly states such as California? Do people really want to squander that, having seen what a pre-car LA, for example, is like? (It’s sublime, by all accounts, and that isn’t taking the emptied-out freeways into consideration.)

Opportunities like this don’t come along very often. If just one or two in ten new car buyers went electric, it would very much move the needle, almost overnight.

There are plenty of EVs in the market. But invariably, a lot of consumers will gravitate toward Tesla. Understandably, as Tesla makes excellent all-electric cars.

But they aren’t without a few drawbacks. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons:

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