Bjorn Nyland Tests the Fast Charge of the 79.2 kWh Porsche Taycan 4S at Various Powers

The popular Norwegian YouTuber Bjorn Nyland, known for his rigorous tests on electric cars, is currently testing the Porsche Taycan 4S equipped with the smallest capacity battery (Performance Battery), 79.2 kWh (the Performance Battery Plus reaches 93,4 kWh). Its latest video has subjected the German sedan to a series of rapid charge tests (direct current) on public stations. How does Taycan access behave when loading?

The YouTuber carries out three charging sessions: one at 350 kW, one at 150 kW, and one last at 50 kW, the three standardized powers in fast-charging stations. In the first case, the German model quickly reaches a maximum of 220 kW, going from 2% to 40% in just 10 minutes. All while maintaining a power greater than 100 kW up to 80%. It took about 23 minutes to reach this percentage (from 80% the charging power in electric cars tends to drop noticeably; in fact, it takes 37 minutes to reach 90%).

At the 150 kW charging point, the Taycan initially reaches a peak of 150 kW, rapidly dropping to 120 kW due to the battery being somewhat cold. In the 50 kW station, Bjorn explains how the Taycan (whose battery is 800 volts) charges in a 400-volt station: through a voltage converter from direct current to direct current.

Named by Porsche itself as “an integrated 400-volt DC charger”, the DC-to-DC converter that the Taycan equips as standard is limited to 50kW, although an optional 150kW can be mounted. However, Bjorn claims that many of the chargers capable of delivering more than 50 kW in direct current operate on 800 volts. Making the decision to equip the optional charger will depend on the number of 400-volt stations with more than 50 kW of power in our area.

The Porsche Taycan is available today in three versions: 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S. All three are characterized by having a powertrain consisting of two electric motors (one per axle, which gives them all-wheel drive). While the 4S is available with both the Performance Battery and Performance Battery Plus, the Turbo, and Turbo S only equip the most capable pack. The “small” battery limits the load to 220 kW, while with the “large” the model reaches a maximum of 270 kW.

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