Tesla Offers to Upgrade Autopilot to Autonomous Driving with Deferred Payment in China

Currently, a buyer of one of the Tesla models must select between the basic version of the Autopilot, or pay the 6,400 euros that it costs to access the complete system. A cost that many prefer to avoid due to the high level and because it is not yet clear how far current technology can go in the face of the dream of “full autonomous driving.”

This saving means giving up benefits such as automatic lane change, navigation from the entrance to the exit of a motorway, but also others such as the autonomous parking system, or the Summon, which allows us to call the car from a certain distance. Many of them limited by the European legislation that causes some clients to prefer to have only the basic Autopilot.

Now Tesla has started offering a deferred payment system for Autopilot in China. Both for those who at the time have purchased a unit without the basic system, available only in that market, and those who have, but have preferred to wait to purchase the FSD (Full Self Driving).

These customers are beginning to receive an email where Tesla offers to update their system with payment in 3 years or 36 installments. Something that means a cost in China of between 3,500 euros to activate the basic version in those units purchased without it. Going through the 7,190 euros that the FSD will cost for those who already have the basic version at the factory, up to 10,700 euros for Customers who have chosen to buy the car without Autopilot, and now have to pay the basic version plus the FSD.

In Europe, all models arrive on the market with at least the basic variant of Autopilot, which would mean being able to postpone the payment of the 6,400 euros that it is hard to upgrade to FSD. Something that if they do not apply interest would suppose in three years a monthly cost of 177.7 euros.

An interesting format for those who at the time have not opted for activation, but now see potential in it as important updates approach. For its part, Tesla would achieve an extra important source of income, since, as we recall according to the data, only between 30 and 40% of new Model 3 customers activate the autonomous driving system. So there is an important part of the market still to be exploited, and with an installment payment system they could achieve.

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