Rumors Point Out That BMW 7 Series Will Feature a 120kWh Battery

In a report by BMW Blog, speculations about the specs of the upcoming lineup of BMW were mentioned.

According to the article, the cars will feature a 120kWh battery and 670 hp. This feature could enable the EV to provide a range of 360 miles.

For the past few years, BMW’s i3 has been the official EV of the company, but it has not been doing well in sales. The carmaker hasn’t released much info on the i3 sales and only says that the numbers are low. They basically indicate that it is not very committed to the electrification program, even though its new CEO wants to focus on that.

Now with the i7 rumors, we can at least have some expectations on what BMW can propose. Let’s wait and see if they accomplish this. If they do, it will be spectacular.

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