Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Shows the Same Paint Problems as the Model 3

One of the chief complaints from Tesla’s generally satisfied customers is the poor build quality of their vehicles. Even though in recent years, the company has improved in this section, the truth is that there are still many testimonials from owners who find poorly adjusted panels and inconsistent tolerances in their new Tesla.

In the specific case of Model 3, one of the most widespread criticisms is that of the low quality of its paint. At the time, the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland concluded after an inspection that the paint of the vehicle is inferior in aspects such as thickness and hardness. Something that, in turn, can lead to premature wear. The lawyers requested this inspection of Joni Savolainen, owner of a Model 3 whose paint was badly damaged despite having only covered 2,200 km.

This problem, together with the bad adjustments of some parts that rubbed against each other, caused the appearance of premature oxides in some parts of the body. Upon disclosure of this case, numerous owners testified to similar problems in specialized brand forums, highlighting that the Model 3’s poor paint quality is widespread.

Among other things, some users warned of faults such as an exposed primer on the doors, on the hinges of the boot, on the back of some panels, at the base of the A and C pillars, and on the doors. Also, some units even had bare steel wholly exposed due to insufficient paint thickness, something that is likely to affect the aging of cars directly.

Now, YouTuber Ryan Shaw has confirmed what many feared. The Tesla Model Y suffers from paint problems similar to those of its brother sedan. The user had to take his newly released Model Y to Tesla technical service to repair some defects that the car brought from the factory. He then hired some detailing experts who observed that the vehicle still had numerous problems. With the thickness of the layers of very uneven paint and imperfections that made the car look more than used. Shaw concludes that Tesla urgently needs to improve its quality controls to prevent such situations from occurring.

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