Tesla Model Y

The Low Quality of the Tesla Model Y Disappoints Some Customers

In recent times, many customers have publicly expressed their disagreement with the build quality of their Tesla. Mismatches, poorly finished finishes, paint problems – these are just some of the criticisms made of the Model S, Model X, and Model 3. These problems are because Tesla has been manufacturing cars in high volumes for a relatively short time (since 2012, when Model S was launched). Even though the mid-size SUV has conquered many for being a balanced and complete proposal, its great pending subject is the finishes.

One of the most talked-about testimonies has been that of the YouTube channel Car Confections, which has become very popular in specialized forums. In the clip, we are shown that the Model Y has very variable tolerances between the body panels. You can also see that some parts are out of adjustment, and some moisture is even located inside the left rear light, something unacceptable in a new car.

Inside, the biggest problem is that the motorized gate tends to get stuck for a few moments each time it is opened. Many misalignments can be seen in the passenger compartment and there is even a rear seat trim fully raised even though the vehicle is fresh from the factory.

As has happened with other Tesla models before, everything seems to indicate that the construction quality of the Model Y is not worthy of a premium vehicle as it claims to be. Even though Tesla offers as its leading sales claim a significant technological endowment, the truth is that in a car that moves in this price range, it finishes significantly higher than those exhibited by the electric SUV are expected. Regardless, a few weeks ago, manufacturing analysis expert Sandy Munro pointed out that Model Y was better built than the first Model 3s, indicating that, little by little, the company is improving its primary weak point.

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