Will Elon Musk’s Solar Panels Blanket America? They Probably Should

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Saving the planet, a serious task, is a genuine concern for Elon Musk, who often behaves like a very unserious man. Lurking behind the not-defamatory tweets and puerile juvenilia is genuine proof of Musk’s altruistic intent: he founded an electric car company, and he gave humans permission to use Tesla’s patented technology without fear of lawsuit or getting swatted (though cynics note Tesla’s much more valuable trade secrets remain jealously guarded).

The real proof, maybe, that Musk is not just a wacked-out narcissist, is in Musk’s self-awareness—the tacit acknowledgment that all the Cybertrucks in the world can’t stop developing economies from burning a tremendous amount of potentially world-wrecking carbon, and the only way out—aside from perfecting privatized space travel, and using SpaceX to colonize another planet—is to blanket a major U.S. state in solar panels.

Read The Full Article On: Observer


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