Tesla Model X Completes 500km on Hypermiles

First of all, Hypermiling is when you drive an electric car at a consistent speed. Usually driven at a low speed to conserve the electric car´s charge to extract the maximum range.

The MG ZS EV electric SUV is a budget Tesla Model X, charged to be used in Hypermiling had traveled 500km on a single charge. Bjorn Nyland completed the test, an electric car´s enthusiastic who performs long-range battery efficiency tests.

The test was made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Bjorn used a 50 kW DC charger up to a 100% before setting off on his journey. The MG ZS EV comes with a 44.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, which has a WLTP range of 328 km (203 miles), and an EPA range of 257 km (160 miles).
The driver kept his driving speed at 37km/h. At the beginning of the journey, the consumption rate was around 145 wh/km, but it decreased as the car kept going. The car performed well but Bjorn said it could do even better. The conclusion is that the MG ZS EV is a perfect budget Tesla Model X killer and should serve the driver well for an electric car for dense city and some highway use.


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