The Successor to the McLaren P1 to be Launched in 2024

In an interview with Autocar, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt said that the successor to the P1 hypercar should be launched in 2024. The most significant difference from the current model is the hybrid engine since all-electric vehicles have less autonomy. The change intends to improve the experience of users who will want to drive on race tracks. “If it were an EV, you would be analyzing maybe 30 minutes of execution and would need to load it until the next day,” he explained.

Despite the change, McLaren vehicles will inevitably be fully electric in the future. That’s because the UK banned combustion vehicles after 2035. “As a manufacturer with the lowest volume, our strategy is built around a platform; therefore, we may need an electric platform for certain markets and a hybrid platform for others,” explained Flewitt.

Other details of the successor to the McLaren P1 are still a mystery. As one of the brand’s Ultimate Series models, it is expected to use cutting-edge materials and push engineering to the limit. The value, of course, must reflect the high standard. The original model, with only 315 units manufactured between 2013 and 2015, was sold for just under 2 million pounds, something around R $8.8 million at the time.

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