Fisker Ocean Off-Road

Fisker Shows the Force E Pack for the Ocean

Just a few days ago, the British press reported that Fisker could be preparing an off-road version of the Ocean, information that was confirmed later by Henrik Fisker. Now, the American firm has revealed a series of 3D recreations that show us what this interesting version will look like.

Dubbed Ocean Force E, this model will be in Fisker’s own words, “the ultimate sustainable rescue vehicle.” This off-road version of the Ocean will be specially designed for military applications, for off-road rescue operations, to serve in police forces, etc.

The Force E pack will be offered as an after-sales kit. The company is expected to reveal more details about its technical characteristics next year, at which time a functional prototype of the Ocean will be presented with the off-road pack. Most likely, all Ocean Force Es have all-wheel drive, and the package may not be compatible with rear-wheel-drive versions.

Compared to the standard Ocean, the Force E will have a reinforced and elevated suspension, as well as specific wheels and off-road tires. Also, extra spotlights will be added both on the roof rack and on the front bumper, which will also have tow hooks (on the rear, we can see a tow ball on the other hand).

One of the most striking aesthetic changes will be the presence of a spare wheel built into the hood. The front area of ​​the basses will be protected, while at the gate, we will find a “Charging Box.” Besides, the model will also be able to incorporate a considerable drinking water tank, which reinforces its rescue vehicle orientation. The interior will be made of “high resistance” materials. It is expected that the 80 kWh battery will be the same as in the other versions, although due to the changes introduced, the announced 480 km EPA autonomy could be lower.

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