Lotus Evija

Go Crazy With the Lotus Evija Configurator: This is How They Sell a Hypercar

A few minutes ago, Lotus revealed how customers of its future all-electric hypercar can choose equipment for their new car.

The exclusive nature of the 2,000 hp two-seater will make each of the trips of the driver and owner unique. Requests for customization in every aspect of the Evija, from striking exterior paint color combinations to highly specific interior details, are part of the enhanced ordering process.

Production of the Lotus Evija will begin in the second half of 2020, and the first-year production is already fully allocated.

The starting point for the Evija application is a complete one specially designed for Lotus. Its ultra-powerful graphics processor creates stunning high-definition “photorealistic” images and animations. Developed with the software used in video game development, they allow the buyer to build and personalize their car from scratch and view it from all angles, inside and out.

In addition to introducing us to its new software, Lotus has released a whole new set of Evija images captured from the configurator. These images show us a car located inside the Lotus Design studios in Hethel, UK, the global home of Lotus since 1966.

The configurator is just one element of the Evija experience. At regular intervals during the purchase process, each customer will receive a unique gift from Lotus to reflect the unique and technical nature of the Evija.

This process will culminate in the delivery of a beautiful handmade construction book full of impressive images of the car during the key moments of its assembly. The book will be presented to the customer as part of the model delivery ceremony.

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