Despite Coronavirus, Tesla Rushes the Construction of its Gigafactory in Berlin

In an area currently affected by the coronavirus, but not isolated by a containment procedure, large vehicles are carrying out the latest mechanical shovels to level the ground, which was home to hundreds of trees a few weeks ago.

The land is, therefore, almost ready to receive the foundations of the buildings of the European Gigafactory. But the continuation of the works is at risk for the builder who does not currently have the final permit for this. “If it is not granted, Tesla will have to dismantle everything at its expense,” assures media B.Z. Berlin.

The operation remains risky for Tesla, with 373 oppositions registered against the project. However, the American industrialist is not alone. The Brandenburg State Environment Agency urges Tesla to do so, wishing to allow the automaker to lay the foundations in advance. It is itself based on a positive positioning of the Higher Administrative Court.

With global travel restrictions, Elon Musk probably shouldn’t be able to witness the laying of the foundation stone, neither the German political as well because of the pandemic situation around the world.

The point here is that there is a significant risk to the workes because of the coronavirus. But for Tesla, however, this is a calculated risk. Delaying the construction of the European site could cost even more in the long run. With the urgent need to continue its mad race to maintain the confidence of investors, the American manufacturer, potentially more fragile than most of the big centenary groups, is betting that the opposition to its project in Germany is waiting not so patiently to receive the final permit. Anyway, Tesla’s approach is consistent, meeting the expectations of the German politicians who support the Gigafactory 4.

The creators of the Giga Berlin channel on Youtube, published a video that takes around 4 minutes to tour the site with a drone as you can see below:

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