Tesla Begins Deliveries of the Model Y This Friday

Tesla´s US customers have announced that their delivery dates have been scheduled for this Friday, March 13. Now, the American automaker has begun confirming orders to those customers who pre-reserved a unit with a white interior (so far only units with a standard black interior have been confirmed).

Deliveries will occur in some western United States states, in Oregon and Washington as well. Until now Tesla always focused its first deliveries in the state of California, but it seems that finally, the launch of the vehicle will occur in several regions at once.

It is highly probable that the Standard Range access versions for the European market will not be imported from the United States, using from the beginning the Berlin Gigafactory 4, which will start operating in late 2021. At one point, probably all versions of the Model Y destined for Europe are manufactured in the German factory, which will allow Tesla to avoid the tariffs imposed on imported vehicles.

Something similar will happen in China: throughout 2021, the production of the Model Y will begin at the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. Tesla currently manufactures the Model 3 Standard Range Plus in the Asian factory. However, it has recently received authorization to produce the Top Range Long Range variants, which leads us to think that something similar will happen later with the Model Y.

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