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Elon Musk’s Plans for Space Travel are Incredibly Ambitious and Exciting

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​Elon Musk‘s quickstart guide to space travel mostly contains technical data, as well as a bit of background information and top-level overviews on how to use ‘anything.’ The solid information is aimed towards potential Starship customers, who can employ the guide as a resource for preliminary payload accommodations data.

In this regard, using a Starship spacecraft from SpaceX could become the latest form of container shipping. Coming with a standardized, predictable quantity of space on a fleet is precisely what led to the manufacturing of cargo containers, which decreased cost across almost all ranges of shipping by saving fastidious labor to charge and discharge individual items or boxes. Musk is well-known for the fact that he has even managed to recycle cargo containers in the building of his SpaceX Starship facility.

Inverse has reported that a Twitter user first observed the potentially massive payload a Starship cargo can transport into low Earth orbit. A table in the user guide mentions more than 100 tons, but from another math in there, another result could come out, and that would be 150 tons. Even for higher orbit altitude, SpaceX’s rocketis able to carry up to 21 tons. That figure is massive enough to include practically all the various satellitemodels ever launched. 

Breaking all the Records

The Starship is one of Elon Musk’s most ambitious, outstanding, and fast-moving projects from its portfolio that includes a massive amount of perplexing ambition and scope already. SpaceX intends to debut its first commercial flight in 2021, with a Moon trip set for 2023.

Even if the space company won’t be able to attain these goals, Musk has a case history of both delivering in short periods and staying flexible and positive after all types of failures and recurrences that all major projects face.

For longer trips to the Moon, and later on, to Mars, the company says Starship is able to transport up to 100 people, which is numerous times more than the current agenda of just about 12 people in one spacecraft at one time. If those plans end up becoming a reality, the role of space travel in the public eyes would definitely change.

There has never been a group of spacecraft of the size Musk has planned for SpaceX, but seeing how ambitious he is, the possibilities are incredibly exciting.

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