hyundai prophecy

NEW CONCEPT: Hyundai’s Electric Prophecy for the Future

Hyundai reveals its next step in the development of its design philosophy with the Prophecy concept. Initially, it would be shown at the Geneva Motor Show. Now makes its online debut showing how the current identity, called Sensual Sports, will evolve, and anticipating what the company’s next models will look like.

According to Hyundai, the sporty silhouette of the concept, combined with the short overhangs and the more prominent rear, create “the ultimate automotive shape.” The prototype uses a new platform for electric cars, which allows the use of “immaculate surfaces and pure volume in combination with harmony and aesthetic functionality.”

Prophecy incorporates some ideas from another concept, the Hyundai 45, and evolves what was shown by the previous prototype. For example, the pixel-like light scheme is used in the headlights, taillights, and the rear spoiler. Hyundai says that these lamps will be used in production models soon.

This concept also advances what would be an autonomous vehicle from Hyundai. It doesn’t have a steering wheel on the inside, but a pair of joysticks that deliver “a completely new, yet reassuring and intuitive driving experience.” The brand says that this new form of interaction still allows the driver to control other functions of the car quickly and safely.

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