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GM, Ford Reveal 2026 Marketing Plans — Lots Of SUVs, Not So Many EVs

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Based on data supplied by both automakers to AutoForecast Solutions, Reuters says, “North American production of SUV models by GM and Ford will outpace production of traditional cars by more than eight to one in 2026, and 93% of those SUVs are expected to be gas-fueled. The data has not previously been reported.”

Both Ford and GM project sales of 5,000,000 vehicles in 2026 but expect only 320,000 of them to be electrics. That’s about 5% of production and fewer electric cars than Tesla produced last year. Those production plans show both companies are betting on America’s mania for big, thirsty, gasoline powered vehicles in the short term, vehicles that come with high profit margins compared to the lower margins available on smaller, more expensive electric cars. This despite Ford introducing the all electric Mustang Mach-E and GM resuscitating the Hummer brand.

Reuters says the plans will likely wipe out any gains in overall fuel efficiency or reduction in auto emissions that were targeted over the next six years, according to industry experts it has spoken to. It points out that GM executives have been repeating a “zero emissions” mantra since 2017 and the company’s website features a prominent commitment to its “all-electric future.” Ford’s Executive Chairman Bill Ford told the Detroit auto show two years ago: “We’re all in on this. We’re taking our mainstream vehicles, our most iconic vehicles, and we’re electrifying them.”

“But it is hard to detect a major change of direction from the companies’ production plans,” Reuters concludes. Like cigarette manufacturers before them, Ford and GM know their products produce emissions that make people sick and shorten life spans but they don’t care as long as there is money to be made. Damn the pollution! Full speed ahead! 

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