Enter to Win This Tesla-Powered Porsche 911 and Help Support One of the Best Automotive Museums

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There’s no point in beating around the bush on this: the days of social distancing are hard on all of us. But they’re particularly hard for museums, which depend on visitors to keep the necessary interest and funds to pursue their missions flowing in. The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles — one of the world’s biggest and best car museums — is one of those that’s suffering; they’re trying to make the best of the situation by offering virtual tours of their collection, but that’s hardly a long-term way to make up for the loss of revenues from people popping in to see the unmatched collection of vehicles inside. 

So if you’re looking for a way to help them out — and also maybe win a really cool car — there’s no better time to jump on this giveaway for a Tesla-powered vintage Porsche 911.

Or, of course, you could just enter for the chance to win this awesome electric Porsche. This Irish Green 1968 911 is a vision of classic Teutonic sexiness, but it has a distinctly modern twist beneath that timeless skin. The classic flat-six engine has been yanked out, replaced with the electric motor from a Tesla Model S P85. (The conversion was done by Zelectric, one of the biggest and best-known names in gas-to-EV conversions.)

Granted, the P85 may be old news by Tesla standards — Elon Musk’s car company hasn’t made that specific model since late 2014 — but that doesn’t mean it’s not potent; according to Wikipedia’s figures (the best reference for Tesla power outputs, as the carmaker doesn’t release them itself), the P85 motor makes a maximum of 469 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. Considering that could hustle a bulky Model S from 0 to 60 in barely more than four seconds, this tiny Porsche should haul

Now, this classic 911 isn’t quite as big as a Tesla, so it can’t fit quite as many battery packs. Still, the electric Porsche can travel around 120 miles at highway speeds — about as far as you’d want to drive an old car in one go, anyway. (A Level 2 charging port lets you suck up power once you’re stopped.) A new sport suspension and upgraded brakes help it drive a little better than the original version, while a solar panel on the back helps you pick up a little extra juice on the go.

As a bonus, not only are taxes and shipping costs included if you win, but you also get $20,000 in cold hard cash to spend as you like. Which, theoretically, you could also donate to the Petersen Automotive Museum if you’re really feeling generous…but we think they’d understand if you spent that on a second car instead.

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